Internship abroad

Get ready for the international labour market

  •     You will get to know new working methods
  •     You will increase your chance of success in the workplace
  •     You will establish international contacts
  •     You will improve your language skills
  •     You will gain self-confidence and personal independence

Today, the experience of having worked abroad is more important than ever. We support you in your search for a suitable internship and have compiled valuable tips for you on the topic of internships abroad.

7 steps to an internship abroad: 1. Find a suitable company abroad. 2. Get the job approved by your internship officer. 3. Submit the necessary documentas at THWS. 4. If applicable: apply online for Erasmus+ funding. 5. Check your insurance coverage abroad. 6. Excitement and travel preparations. 7. Take off! More information available at

Of course, you can apply to a company of your choice. The contact persons for internships in the respective degree programmes will provide information about the suitability of the respective position or company.

In the following, you will find links to external internship platforms that could be helpful in your search for a suitable internship abroad:

All about your application

Would you like to go abroad for a while as part of our project? Congratulations, you have already taken the first important step!

The next step will be planning your stay abroad, because whether it's a semester abroad, an internship or a combination of both - it's important that you start organising it in good time.

We have summarised the most important points of the application process for you and would also like to give you a few tips along the way:

There are no deadlines at FHWS for internships abroad. However, we recommend that you start applying to the company in good time: at least 4-6 months in advance.

In principle, the earlier the better!

If you would like to apply for an Erasmus+ grant during your internship abroad, you should submit the application to the International Office at least 4 weeks before the start of the internship.

Remember to check visa requirements for the country you want to work in, as deadlines for the visa application process may vary.

  1. Find a company you would like to do your placement in.

    a) You can look for a company of your choice or
    b) You can apply to one of our business partners.

    Note: If you are doing a semester abroad at SHU before the internship, our partners at SHU will be happy to help you find a suitable internship.

    For information on the contents of the internship at a company, which must be fulfilled in order to receive credit for the internship semester, see the general pages on the internship period and contact the person in charge of internships for your degree programme. She or he will approve the training position.

  2. For your application at the respective company you will need a cover letter and an up-to-date CV.

    As a general rule:

    In the UK, both the CV and the cover letter differ from the guidelines in Germany. For example, the CV does not contain an application photo, but a short profile in which personal characteristics, skills and strengths are summarised (Professional Profile). A British cover letter differs mainly in format, such as the positioning of the address or the date.

  3. Once you have all your documents ready, you apply directly to the company of your choice. The company will then contact you for an interview. If you have been offered an internship and would like to apply for financial support through Erasmus+, you have to register in the MoveOn portal of the International Office. When applying, you will be asked to upload several documents:

    •     Learning Agreement
    •     Internship contract
    •     Insurance certificates (health, liability, accident insurance)
    •     Current certificate of enrolment

    To find out which requirements must be met for Erasmus+ funding, please visit the website of the International Office. Here you will find comprehensive information on what funding entails.

You would like to apply for an internship at a company abroad (especially in the UK), but are unsure about your application documents?

The THWS Praxis International team and the Career Service are happy to help!

After preparing your application documents, you can make an appointment with the Career Service of THWS and get feedback on your documents.

 We have summarised a few tips on how to write an English CV on this page.