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Christ University
(Bangalore, Indien)

CHRIST is driven by the vision, mission and core values that the Christites have assimilated as a habit. We are convinced now more than ever, when we are celebrating fifty golden years of our existence doing yeoman service to Indian Higher Education, that our aspiration to becoming a world class University is indeed achievable. When there is a deep sense of identity as a Christite, when our personal, societal and academic involvement is perfectly balanced and engaging contributing to our growth and that of the communities we are part of and our local and global understanding is based on traditions and culture and responds to worldwide needs and concerns, we are well on our way to success

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Web www.christuniversity.in
Studiengänge BIN, BWI
Module auf Englisch Ja
Dozentenaustausch Ja
Exkursion Jährlich im Rahmen des India Gateway Programs
Kontakt Prof. Dr. Peter Braun und Prof. Dr. Isabel John


Fall Semester: Juli - Dezember
Spring Semester: Januar - Mai

Akademischer Kalender der Christ University


250 € - 400 € im Monat (mehr informationen)


Studiengänge und Modulkatalog der Christ University.


Es ist möglich ein Stipendium oder eine andere Art der Förderung zu beantragen.

Die Fördersätze können auf den Seiten des International Office eingesehen werden.


For International students Admission queries: isc.admission[at]christuniversity.in

Incoming students: https://christuniversity.in/center/C/IS/incoming-to-christ