CTl Eurocollege,
(Limassol, Zypern)

At CTL Eurocollege not only do we provide our Students with the level of academic excellence demanded by employers, but we also prepare them for the tough challenges of the world of employment and of life as productive and responsible adults.

A variety of Programmes is on offer in the fields of Business, Hospitality & Tourism, Computing, Legal studies. In addition, Students who have already earned their Bachelor’s Degree have the opportunity of enhancing their qualifications by progressing on to our accredited Master of Business Administration, MBA programme of study.

CTL Students come from a diverse range of background and form a warm, tightly-knit hub of multiculturalism, which significantly contributes to both the academic and personal development of our Students.

Hier ist ein Bild der Stadt aus der Vogelperspektive zu sehen.
Hier ist ein Bild einer Studentin zu sehen.
Auf dem Bild ist eine Straße in Limassol zu sehen.
Web www.ctleuro.ac.cy
Studiengänge BEC, BIN, BWI
Module auf Englisch Ja
Dozentenaustausch Ja
Exkursion Nein
Kontakt Prof. Dr. Peter Braun


Fall Semester: September - Januar
Spring Semester: Februar - Juni

Akademischer Kalender des CTL Eurocolleges.