Going abroad with THWS Praxis International

THWS Praxis International is a project of the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems (FIW) and the International Office, designed to make it easier for FIW students to spend their practical semester abroad.

The following pages therefore provide useful tips on the topic of spending time abroad during your studies in general, on combining a semester abroad with an internship, and on internships abroad in particular. Through the partners acquired in the project, students shall have easier access to periods abroad. Special attention is therefore given to the regions of Great Britain and Scandinavia.

We have compiled important information for you under the headings Ways Abroad, Application and Funding.

Ways Abroad

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Here you will find all the information on: What options are there for going abroad during your studies? What is the best way to plan a stay abroad?


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Here you will find all the information on: What funding options are there for a stay abroad? Where can I get information about potential scholarships?

Convince yourself that there are a variety of support offers to finance your stay abroad with or without an internship salary.

Your road to Würzburg with THWS Praxis International. THWS Praxis International offers you athe opportunity for a flexible stay aborad: internship abroad, study semester abroad or both in combination. Whether it's an internship, a study semester abroad or both, we'll support you with questions about funding, organisation, application or other questions. To make your exchange a success! You need more information? We are here to help you! The FHWS Praxis International is available via their email address praxis.internationa.fiw@thws.de or on their website.


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Contact persons

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