International activities

International experience during your studies

You can gain international experience in many different ways during your studies at our Faculty:

  • During a semester abroad at one of our partner universities you benefit greatly both in terms of studies and personally as well as you can expand your network by contacts from abroad.
  • By taking part in field trips, you get a first glimpse of a foreign culture.
  • An internship abroad offers insights into a foreign language and working methods of companies abroad. For this, please note our project Praxis International.

Why going abroad?

There are many reasons why a stay abroad during your studies may make sense. You usually have still enough time and not so many family obligations during your studies. Later, when you are in your job, there will hardly be the opportunity to afford the time for a longer stay abroad.

By studies abroad or an internship abroad

  • you will gain life experience and independence
  • you test and improve your language skills in practice
  • you can complete coursework abroad and transfer the credits earned to FHWS
  • you can establish contacts to fellow students abroad which may become valuable during your later career

International experience without staying abroad

If you prefer to stay in Germany during your studies, the Faculty has two further offers through which you can get into contact with a foreign language and culture:

  • You can take a core module in English offered by our lecturers. The number of core modules taught in English is still limited, but our Faculty is striving to increase this number in the coming years.
  • You can take a core elective module (FWPM) taught in English, for example during the International Week.

Information events

During the following events, we offer information about certain international matters to our students:

  • In November, 3rd semester students are offered a large information event about all aspects that may become important in the coming semesters. There is also a part dedicated to information about a semester abroad, our International Week as well as possible field trips.
  • Especially for field trips to India, which always take place in February, an information event is offered in May of the previous year.Opens internal link in current window
  • Information about all further field trips will be provided as required.


If you have any question about international matters, please contact the Faculty’s international affairs officer, Prof. Dr. Peter Braun.