The alumni network of the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems

IWInet, the alumni network of our Faculty, was founded on the occasion of the 20-years-anniversary of the Computer Science programme in October 1995. Konrad Zuse, inventor of today’s computer, was made an honorary member, probably one of the last honours he received before his death in December 1995. On the 3rd level of our Institute Building, a bust reminds of Konrad Zuse.

Advantages of the membership

Being a member of the alumni network, offers the opportunity to stay in contact even after your graduation

  • with our Faculty,
  • with your professors and lecturers
  • as well as former fellow students.

Every year in May or June, IWInet organises a summer party together with our Faculty and, in addition, an annual conference in October which consists of specialist talks by students and doctorate students of our Faculty and the report about our Faculty’s activities.

The alumni network’s activities

IWInet actively supports our Faculty by

  • organising an internship exchange at the start of the summer semester
  • organising the summer party in May or June
  • organising the annual conference in October with the opportunity to report on current developments in our Faculty
  • organising company visits open to both students and network members
  • financially supporting students during a semester abroad

Working group

A small group of network members meets about every four weeks to plan further activities. We are always happy about new supporters.


You can contact the alumni network IWInet

For more information, please refer to the network’s website.