Student lockers

The lockers are

  • on Level 0 of the Lecture Building next to the entrance to lecture room H.1.1 and
  • on Level 2 of the Institute Building opposite the seminar room I.2.18.

The use is free of charge for students and staff.


Information on usage

Lecture Building

  • Via a 4-digit number, which can be defined by the user.
  • Instructions are on the lockers.
  • Maximum period of use is one year.



Institute Building

  • The keys are handed out during the opening hours of the library.
  • You need your FHWS Card when borrowing a key.
  • The usual loan term is one week which can be renewed twice via the online library system.
  • Current bookings and reservations: please enter “Schließfach” (locker) in the search request.


Student representation Computer Science and Business Information Systems in room I.1.1.

In case of questions or problems, please send an e-mail to schliessfaecher.shl[at]

At the end of the semester, the lockers are emptied by the student representation upon prior notice. The contents can then be picked up in the student representation’s room I.1.1. If contents have not been collected for a year, they are either disposed of or auctioned off in favour of the student representation of FIW or FG.


Please contact the THWS Library.