Data protection and information security

In order to support our staff, each faculty has a named a contact person for the broad range of topics related to data protection and information security. This contact person is called data protection and information security coordinator (abbreviated to DISK from the German title “Datenschutz- und InformationsSicherheitsKoordinator”).

Tasks of DISKs

  • They are contact persons for data protection and information security within an organisational unit.
  • They work closely with our University’s information security officer, data protection officer as well as the FHWS office for information security and data protection.
  • They forward the specific requirements from their area of expertise to the next level and so integrate them in FHWS-wide regulations and guidelines.
  • They are involved in the implementation of obligations under data protection law, regulations and processes in their respective areas, monitor these and work towards compliance with them.
  • They are also involved in developing and conducting training measures and awareness campaigns.


DISK Mr Thomas Rust
Deputy DISK Mr Christian Ziegler
FHWS Data Protection Officer see here

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