Complementing lectures and practical courses, tutorials are offered for some modules as an additional support for students. In groups as small as possible, students can discuss questions on the contents and do additional exercises while being supported by a tutor, i.e. a student from a higher semester. Tutorials cannot substitute the attendance in lectures or practical courses.

Modules offering tutorials

Tutorials are usually offered for the following modules, provided suitable tutors can be found:

  • Programming 1 and 2
  • Basics of Computer Engineering
  • Web Programming
  • Algorithms & Data Structures 1
  • Databases

Follow the link for the current schedule of tutorials

You need further tutorials?

If you need further tutorials, please contact the respective lecturer first. A sufficiently large group of students (at least 10 students) should have a regular interest in a tutorial.

You want to become a tutor?

If you would like to work as a tutor in a course and thus gain your first teaching experience, please contact the lecturer of the respective module.

The planning of the tutorials begins about two weeks before the start of the semester. The tutorials usually start about four weeks after the first course session and end with the start of the examination period. In general, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You must be enrolled as student at THWS.
  • You must be at least in your 3rd semester.
  • You must have completed the module for which you want to offer a tutorial at least with a good grade.

Working time and remuneration for tutors

The maximum working time for tutors is eight teaching hours (1 teaching hour = 45 minutes). Usually, additional time is required for preparation and follow-up work for the tutorial, so bachelor’s student will receive € 10.23 per teaching hour instead of € 9.50 per hour (for student assistants).

Students with a relevant first academic degree will receive € 13.50 per teaching hour.

The holiday entitlement is additionally remunerated at a flat rate of 12 % of the total hours.


Each tutor will receive a certificate at the end of the semester. It certifies the activity as a tutor in the subjects studied and thus shows that the person concerned not only has professional skills, but also initial didactic competences.