Programme-specific contacts

Programme director

Prof. Dr. Isabel John
Prof. Dr. Isabel John

The programme director is responsible for

  • devising and developing the programme’s contents;
  • verifying the course contents in consultation with the module managers;
  • monitoring the compilation of module descriptions and study plans.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Isabel John

Programme advice and examination committee

Prof. Dr. Arndt Balzer
Prof. Dr. Arndt Balzer

The programme advisor is responsible for advising prospective and current students on programme-specific matters and covers a broad spectrum:

The examination committee is, among others, responsible for:

  • decisions on any case of credit transfer;
  • decisions on applications for deadline extensions.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Arndt Balzer

Internship coordinator

Prof. Dr. Steffen Heinzl
Prof. Dr. Steffen Heinzl

The internship coordinator is responsible for:

  • information and advice on the internship;Opens internal link in current window
  • approval of internship companies;
  • review of the internship contract;
  • advice in case of problems during the internship;
  • acceptance of the internship certificate and the internship report.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Steffen Heinzl