Computer Science and Business Information Systems

With more than 1,000 students and currently 22 lecturers, the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems (FIW) is among the largest faculties of THWS. Together with the Faculty of Visual Design, we are located in the buildings on the Campus Sanderheinrichsleitenweg.Opens internal link in current window

We offer the following degree programmes:

In the areas continuing education and research, we are especially active in cooperative doctorate projects by up to now more than ten doctoral students. Among our colleagues are two research professors - one for Socio-Informatics, one for the Internet of Things.

In order to introduce the topic and the area of studies to prospective students, our staff likes to collaborate with schools. For practice-oriented studies, we encourage cooperation with companies and are always interested in new contacts.

Our Faculty supports our University’s internationalisation strategy by various offerings for our students, such as studies or internships abroad, field trips, or the International Week.Opens internal link in current window

We are also actively involved in the digitisation of both teaching and administration. More and more lecturers supplement their on-site teaching by digital teaching units and apply the inverted classroom concept. Supported by the Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (vhb), individual teaching units and also entire modules are digitised.