Programme contents

Studying information security at THWS combines solid basic knowledge of practical, technical and theoretical computer science with practical training. The content and structure of the course enable students to quickly familiarize themselves with numerous existing and future areas of computer science.

  •      The first four semesters serve to teach the basics in the areas of computer science and information security.
  •      The obligatory practical phase then follows in the fifth semester.
  •      In the sixth and seventh semesters, more specific modules in the area of IT security are offered.
  •      Furthermore, three FWPM (electives) must be chosen from the faculty's offering.

Module overview

This module overview applies to students starting their studies on October 1st, 2023.

Study and examination regulations

The study and examination regulations for the Computer Science programme stipulates the course of studies. They complement the General Examination Regulations of THWS (APO) in their current versions.

The accessible German version of the study and examination regulations is available in the version of 26 July 2023.

Module handbook

Module handbook summer semester 2024 valid from 15 March 2024 (German only; non-accessible)