Mobile and Ubiquitous Solutions


You want to be involved in current trends and developments? Do you want to be there when new mobile technologies come onto the market and, as always, revolutionize the world a little? Do you want to take part when we develop and implement new ideas together as a team? Then you are on the right page (and at the right specialisation)!

The popularity of mobile solutions, mobile devices as well as mobile applications by now unleashed a flood of development, research and application possibilities in companies, but also in application-oriented research. New frameworks, new areas of application in industry, gaming or consumer sector as well as a completely different change process for introducing mobile solutions define an entirely new world of information - the world of data and information becomes mobile and ubiquitous.

In this specialisation module, we would like to accompany and form the current and future challenges together with you for considerable part of the way. During this specialisation module, you can expect a variety of new tasks for a new IT we will approach in particular by practical implementation projects.

This includes for example:

  • Designing and implementing user-friendly interfaces
  • Developing ubiquitous applications for industry and end consumers by using innovations like AR or VR technology
  • Integration of voice control or motion detection for mobile applications
  • Gamification, location based apps and other exciting extensions for mobile applications
  • Much more than this...

Specialisation 1: Mobile and Ubiquitous Concepts and Development

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Karsten Huffstadt


In this semester, we will develop a mobile or ubiquitous business idea together or specifically programme a corresponding application. You can choose a topic according to your personal interest and implement it, depending on your preference, either conceptually or in terms of programming.

This is accompanied by the teaching of the necessary methodological and technical knowledge, structured as follows:

  • Application scenarios and business models
  • Operational platforms and architectural concepts
  • Procedure models
  • Aspects of integration (ERP integration)
  • Human-computer interaction and interaction design

Learning Outcomes

  • First and foremost: having lots of fun in working together and working creatively (!).
  • Getting an overview of new technologies and techniques
  • Grown understanding of mobile and ubiquitous applications for industry and end consumers
  • Acquiring project management skills
  • Developing (one’s own) ideas for mobile products for the market
  • Understanding and applying different architectural concepts

The exam consists of a graded project paper. With this, you are perfectly prepared for your “future” life.

Specialisation 2: Mobile and Ubiquitous Design

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Karsten Huffstadt


If the design is not good, the application won’t be either!

This is the theme guiding us through the semester where we will look for the perfect design for the specific application you can select. It can be a classic “mobile” app as well as a VR application, a gaming scenario or areas that have to do with a user interface.

This is accompanied by the teaching of the necessary methodological and technical knowledge in the field of human-computer interaction and interaction design.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of mobile and ubiquitous applications for industry and end consumers
  • Project management skills
  • Developing (one’s own) product or market idea
  • Implementing (one’s own) product idea
  • Assessing and applying the different architectural concepts

The exam consist of a graded project paper

Specialisation Seminar

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Isabel John, Prof. Dr. Karsten Huffstadt


In the semester, as a preparatory step towards the bachelor’s thesis, you will write your first small scientific paper in the form of a publication with an accompanying presentation and other components in the form of a portfolio. For this, you choose a topic from the fields mobility, VR, AR or another from related fields depending on your personal interest.

Additional Information

This specialisation is open to students from all three bachelor’s programmes.

There is a variety of mobile devices, a comprehensive VR and AR suite as well as various other innovative technologies (smart watches, virtual assistants, driving simulators etc.) available in our lab.

The mobi.lab offers you two rooms and the space for research, studying, discussions and (hopefully) having fun.