Research Project

The research project is an assignment completed during the semester with complex contents and an open-ended approach; it serves to provide evidence of theoretical/academic, specialist and creative skills, as well as communication skills. The task should have practical relevance.

Prerequisites for starting the research project

Only students who have earned at least 100 ECTS credits may start working on their research project.

Research project in the 6th semester

The module is usually scheduled for the 6th semester of a bachelor's programme. The research project is to be registered at the start of the semester and completed before the end of the semester.


Due to the complexity of the task and the manner of execution, the work is generally done over an extended period without constant supervision. When worked on continuously, the task set should be such that usually the project can be finished within a period of seven weeks.

Project work means group work

Usually, the research project has to be assigned to a group of students to work on together. In our Faculty, usually three students work together on one task. There is no limit as regards group size. However, in each case of group work the individual performance must be recognisable. We expressly support the collaboration of students from different programmes and faculties. 

Possible topics

Professors recommend topics which can be worked on in the lab or in cooperation with companies. Of course students can also suggest topics themselves.

Possible topics are published by various means, for example on IWInews 3.0, in an E-Learning course in Moodle, via e-mail or posters.


The application for a research project is submitted to the respective examination committee by the supervising professor.

Examination performance

Having handed in the documentation report for the research project, you have to deliver a presentation of the project’s results.

Documentation report

The documentation report for the research project must be submitted on time as printed copy and additionally twice in a digital format (once anonymised, i.e. without your name and matriculation number).

The structure for the documentation report is determined by the supervising professor.

The paper must be accompanied by a declaration by the student that they have written the paper independently, not submitted it elsewhere for examination purposes, used no sources or resources other than those indicated, and marked any verbatim quotes and paraphrases as such.

Presenting the results

In consultation with the supervising professor, the presentation takes place after the documentation report has been submitted. We expect a 15-minute presentation per person. The total duration of the colloquium therefore depends on the team size.