VIVES University of Applied Sciences
(Brugge + Kortrijk, Belgium)

Welcome to VIVES University of Applied Sciences in Belgium. With approximately 17,000 students, VIVES is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Belgium.

With locations in five cities in West Flanders, at the heart of Europe, we offer programmes in six fields of study: Applied Engineering and Technology, Applied Social Studies, Biotechnology, Commercial Sciences, Business Management and Informatics, Education and Health Care.

VIVES University of Applied Sciences, with its modern and competence-based higher education, its innovative practical research, and its services provided to society, offers an adequate response to the social challenges of today and tomorrow. VIVES is an appreciative, friendly, and people-oriented university of applied sciences which concentrates on professionally oriented Bachelor Degrees and Associate Degrees. In doing so the University of Applied Sciences ensures that its students contribute to the globalised world both as human beings and as professionals.

Campus for FIW students: Brugge and Kortrijk

Degree programmes BEC, BIN, BWI
Modules in English Yes
Lecturer exchange Yes
Field trip No
Contact Prof. Dr. Peter Braun

Semester times

Fall semester: September - January
Spring semester: February - June

Academic calendar of VIVES University of Applied Sciences

Costs of living

Campus Brugge & Campus Kortrijk
ca. 600 € - 800 € (more information)


  1. Informatics (Bachelor's degree programme) - Campus Kortrijk
    Degree programme and module catalogue


It is possible to apply for Erasmus+ funding.
Belgium is a programme country.

The funding rates can be found on the websites of the International Office.