Guided Telepresence Robot Tour

What’s it about?

In an increasingly globalized world, remote communication becomes even more crucial in specific situations such as a pandemic. Telepresence robots are mobile computer platforms equipped with a motor system, microphones, cameras and a monitor which make it possible to attend distant events. Compared to regular video phone calls, telepresence robots offer the advantage that users can move around autonomously wthout being depentend on help.

Studies undertaken by the research professorship for socio-informatics at THWS show that humans can also feel affection and interact with a telepresence robot. In future, for example, tours in universities or museums will be available for people with physical disabilities or for use in institutions for the elderly and nursing homes.

The video demonstrates how the telepresence solution works together with the Pepper Robot.



Who’s involved?

Lisa Keller, 3rd semester of the Information Systems Master’s (summer semester 2020)

Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Nicholas Müller