Soft and professional skills

In accordance with study and examination regulations, the module “Soft and Professional Skills” is scheduled in all our bachelor’s programmes for the 5th semester and is thus in the same semester as the Internship Module. The companies are obliged by the internship contract to release you from work so you can attend the module at FHWS.

However, if you plan to do the internship in a company further away or completely block your 5th semester for the internship, it is also possible to take some or all course sessions in this module in the 4th semester already.

Please note that the registration of a bachelor’s thesis in all degree programmes requires the successful participation in this module (i.e. in all six individual course sessions).Opens internal link in current window

Module structure

The module consists of the following six sessions, which must all be attended:

  • Facilitation technique via the metaplan method (two days)
  • Negotiation technique (Harvard method, one day)
  • Body language (one day)
  • Team management (one day)
  • Conflict management (one day)
  • Work and presentation techniques (three days)

ECTS credits for this module are only credited when all individual course sessions have been attended.

Participation in individual course sessions

The six individual sessions are offered several times throughout the semester. Organisation takes place via the E-Learning system Moodle. For each semester, there is a course Soft and Professional Skills (example: winter semester 2022/23)

You will also find the registration modalities there.


After successful participation in all individual sessions, you can obtain a certificate for this module which you can enclose with applications. For this, please contact Svenja Stähler.

Further questions

  • In each E-Learning course, there is an FAQ list for each semester (example: winter semester 2022/23)
  • Group registration is organised by Thomas Rust. Please check the FAQ list mentioned above before writing an e-mail.
  • Please contact the respective lecturers for questions about the contents of individual sessions.