Graduation ceremony

Once a year (around the end of June), the faculty organises a graduation ceremony for last year’s graduates. The ceremony takes place in room H.1.1. If you have questions about the graduation ceremony, please contact the Dean.


As part of the association of friends of THWS, there is the network association IWInet especially for our faculty.

Occupational safety

Please contact Mr Niko Wörtmann for issues related to occupational safety and risk assessments.

Data protection

Please contact the FIW data protection and information security officer for issues related to data protection.

Facilities management

Facilities management (HSGM) for our building is located on Level 0 in room 0.40. The staff there can be contacted in case of problems in the building, such as problems with doors, the air condition or the lifts.

Internationalisation and studies abroad

Please contact the FIW International Affairs Officer Prof. Dr. Peter Braun, if you are a student at FIW and interested in our internationalisation offerings.Opens internal link in current window

If you are a student of one of our partner universities, please first have a look at our catalogue of modules taught in English which are offered each summer semester.

Sessional lecturers

If you are a sessional lecturer, please contact Ms Melanie Haßler if you have questions about the contract or the bill. Please contact Mr Thomas Rust for questions about the room or the scheduling, Mr Niko Wörtmann about the media facilities.

If you are interested in becoming a sessional lecturer with us, please do not hesitate to contact the programme directors of the suitable degree programmes.Opens internal link in current window

Media and presentation technology

Please contact Mr Niko Wörtmann if you have questions about media facilities and presentation technology.

  • Audio and video technology in lecture rooms
  • Wacom displays and preview monitors
  • Mobile monitors for use in seminar rooms
  • Mobile screens and presentation materials

Computer rooms and virtualisation

If you have any questions concerning equipment and use of computer rooms or deployment of virtual machines for study purposes, please contact Mr Matthias Lode.


Information about the internship is available in the area on Studies. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact the internship coordinator responsible for your degree programme.Opens internal link in current window


Information on exams is available in the area on Studies. In case of questions on exam, please contact the examination committee responsible for your degree programme.Opens internal link in current window

Teaching quality, evaluation, accreditation

Please contact the dean of studies if you have questions on teaching issues or on the election process for core electives (FWPM) and specialisation modules, or on evaluation and accreditation issues.

Locking authorisation

For locking authorisation issues on levels 2 and 3 of the Institute Building, staff and students are asked to contact Mr Ludwig Seubert. Please note that students need the written approval from the head of the lab, if they need the locking authorisation for the lab room(s)

Software systems

Students get access to software systems purchased under campus licenses via the Studi-Soft Shop. Please contact the respective lecturer if you have questions about the software systems used at our Faculty. If you have questions on available systems by Atlassian (Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo etc.), please contact Mr Peter Riegler

Student assistants and student tutors

If you are interested in working as a student assistant, please check the job offers on IWInews 3.0. If you can imagine working as a tutor in a course, please contact the responsible lecturer. 

If you have questions about your contract or the tracked time when already working as student assistant or tutor, please contact Ms Svenja Stähler.

Programme directors

Our programme directors are responsible for devising and further developing the degree programmes’ curriculum. While consulting the module managers, they monitor the course contents and supervise the creation of module descriptions and study plans. In order to prepare the faculty council’s decisions, they issue recommendations for the block list of general electives (AWPF).

Programme advisors

The programme advisors are responsible for advising prospective and current students on programme-specific matters and in doing so, they cover a broad spectrum:

  • Study requirements;
  • Structure and contents of the programme
  • Selection of specialisations and core elective modules
  • Organising and managing studies, especially in case of difficulties due to illness

For questions about possible stays abroad or studies abroad, please contact our Faculty’s international affairs officer. The THWS Academic Advisory Service is the right point of contact for general questions about accommodation and financing issues. Our programme advisors also represent their degree programmes on study fairs and all kinds of events for prospective students. In addition, they are the first port of call for schools in case of questions about possible collaboration or visits of our Faculty.

Course scheduling, room administration, soft skills courses

Please contact Mr Thomas Rust with anything to do with course scheduling (allocation of times and rooms).

  • Allocation of times and rooms for tutorials
  • Cancellation of course sessions (e.g. due to the lecturer’s illness)
  • Renting rooms for events

Thomas Rust is also responsible for scheduling the soft skills courses.

Website and public relations

For issues concerning public relations, please contact our deputy dean. Mr Christian Ziegler is responsible for the web contents.