Advisory services

Academic advice by the faculty

  • The first port of call for questions related to your studies, especially if you are not satisfied with your progress, is your programme advisor (BEC, BIN, BWI, MIS).
  • The programme advisors are also the chairpersons of the examination committees, so they are able to give advice if you think of applying form an extension of deadlines.Opens internal link in current window
  • In case of questions about the internship, please contact your degree programme’s internship coordinator.
  • For questions about studies abroad or the International Week, please contact our Faculty’s international affairs officer. For specific questions about grants/scholarships and financing possibilities for your stay abroad, please contact the THWS International Office.
  • Please contact the Dean, if you have questions about a semester of leave.

Academic advice by FHWS

Advice on finding a job

  • The THWS Career Service offers counselling and courses on job search and career start.

Counselling in exceptional mental situations

FHWS does not offer counselling in exceptional mental situations. However, students in need can contact one of the following facilities/offices:

The FHWS women’s affairs officer, too, offers information on support in cases of emergency.