Core Elective Modules (FWPM)

The study and examination regulations (SPO) provide for core modules as well as core elective modules. Core Electives serve the development of advanced competencies; therefore, they have an immediate thematic relation to other modules of the degree programme.

Students have to select four (BWI and MIS) or three (BIN and BEC) core elective modules with a total of 20 (or 15) ECTS credits.

It is also possible to take more core elective modules than required. In general, the modules with the best grades up to the total of ECTS credits mentioned above are included in the calculation of the degree grade, unless you make a different binding selection to the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) before the degree certificate is issued.

Core electives of the 6th and 7th semester

According to the study and examination regulations, there are no prerequisites for attending core electives, e.g. in terms of a minimum number of ECTS credits. However, our Faculty offers all core electives, both in terms of content and time, mainly to students in their 6th or 7th semester.

Exceptions such as the module “Software Industry, Education, and Economy”, which is offered specifically for 3rd semester students and can be taken in addition to the six core modules in the 3rd semester, are indicated separately.

Modules on offer

The catalogue of core electives is determined by the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems.. The offer depends on the semester and on the degree programme, i.e. not every core elective is offered for every degree programme.

An overview of core electives on offer is available from the valid study plan for the semester. Please refer to the module handbook for the contents of individual core electives.

The following lists give an impression of modules regularly offered in the past. The list is not complete and does not constitute a claim to offer a particular core elective in the future.

  • ABAP/4: SAP Development Workbench
  • Agile Enterprise - Agile Methods Applied
  • Autonomous Cars
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Content Marketing and the Psychology of Consumption
  • Online Marketing Applied
  • Project and Strategic Management
  • Shopware as Platform
  • Software testing: Theoretic Approaches and Practical Introduction
  • Socio-Informatics
  • Technical Data Protection
  • From the Idea to a Marketable App - App Entrepreneurship

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Digital Business Meets Communication Design
  • Introduction to Mainframe Programming
  • Digitisation Strategy - Document Management in the SAP Environment
  • Fog Computing in the Internet of Things
  • Intelligent Data Analysis
  • Interactive Stories & Playable Narratives - The Line Between Film and Game
  • IT Risk Management
  • Logistics Management in E-Commerce
  • Integrating Processes in Typical ERP Solutions
  • Requirements Engineering
  • SEO Applied
  • Video Production & Video Marketing

Modules for the International Week

Each summer semester, our Faculty organises an International Week in May or June. During this week, guest lecturers from our partner universities offer English-taught core elective modules. Course selection for the International Week takes place at the same time as the selection procedure of core elective modules. Please note that you can choose only one course for the International Week.

Selection procedure

Number of places in a core elective module is limited. Registration for a core elective module is handled by an electronic procedure with access via the university network. Dates and conditions of participation will be published faculty-wide by the dean of studies in good time.

The electronic procedure takes usually place in the following periods:

  • In September for core electives during the winter semester.
  • End of February / beginning of March for core electives during the summer semester.

If more students register than there are places available in the core elective module, students are ranked according to the priority of their selection and the number of ECTS credits currently achieved.

After completion of the registration process, the lists with the matriculation numbers of the students participating in the core elective modules are published faculty-wide. In addition, students will be informed by e-mail about the assigned core elective module.