Instituto Politécnico do Porto
(Porto, Portugal)


There are eight Schools spread over three campuses, where thousands of people study, research, teach, and innovate every day. Today we can be proud of the high standards of our teaching; the quality of our learning and training infrastructures, scientific research and physical activity; our partnerships, protocols and cooperation in Portugal and around the world; the effervescence of our cultural agenda. Today, more than ever, we have our eyes on the future, without forgetting a past that makes the Polytechnic of Porto one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in Portugal. And the best is yet to come.

Our mission is to create and disseminate knowledge, science, technology and culture, as well as to endow its students with technical, scientific, artistic and transversal competences, articulating knowledge and action and, thus, becoming an agent of transformation of the national and international territories in which it intervenes, contributing in the same way for the intelligent development of the Society.

Degree programmes BEC, BIN, BIS, BWI
Modules in English Yes
Lecturer exchange No
Field trip No
Contact Prof. Dr. Peter Braun & Franziska Königer

Semester times

Winter semester: September - February
Summer semester: Mid-February - July

Costs of living

ca. 800 € - 1.100 € per month (more information)


School of Management & Technology (ESTG)

Various Bachelor's and Master's degree programs

Bachelor's degree programs
Master's degree programs


It is possible to apply for Erasmus+ funding.
Portugal is a programme country.

The funding rates can be found on the websites of the International Office.


P.Porto Incoming Students (School of Management & Technology)