Space for study and work

We feel it is very important that students have sufficient facilities in our buildings on Sanderheinrichsleitenweg to work, study and prepare for their exams, but also to work on their own projects.


  • On Level 3 of the Institute Building, there is a large free space with seats and tables where you can work very well in smaller groups.
  • Students in higher semesters can get access to their lecturer’s labs when working on project papers, bachelor’s or master’s theses.
  • The students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems can make use of most of our computer rooms as rooms for study or work also outside course sessions. The computer rooms can be opened with an THWS Card.
  • There are also some seminar rooms available as individual rooms for study and work.

Allocation of rooms for study and work

The student representation in our Faculty based in room I.1.1 organises the allocation of seminar rooms for individual study or work. This includes the following rooms:

Every student with an THWS Card can unlock and lock the computer rooms.

Our lecture rooms, especially the room H.1.5, and the computer room H.1.11 are not available as room for individual study or work.

Rules for rooms used for individual study and work

  1. The designated rooms are allocated by the student representation in the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems.
  2. Courses and other events booked by our University always have priority.
  3. The building opening hours are to be observed.
  4. Only the student representation have access to the up-to-date allocation plan.
  5. With room requests, students contact the student representation in room I.1.1.
  6. The student representation unlocks the room and records the names of those students who plan to stay in the respective room.
  7. When they finally leave the room, the students sign out at the student representation’s room.
  8. The student representation ensures that the room is left in a proper condition. This includes: Switching off the projectors, closing the windows, recreating the documented arrangement of tables, closing the floor boxes, cleaning up rubbish.
  9. When the students have left, the student representation locks the room.
  10. The student representation has the right to ask students to leave the room.
  11. The security personnel has the right to ask the students to leave the room and the building.
  12. The student representation is obliged to report violations to the dean.


Student representation Computer Science and Business Information Systems in room I.1.1.

Additional Information

For questions regarding the allocation of rooms for individual study or work or the rules for users, please contact the Faculty’s dean