Credit transfer

Transferring credits within our programmes

If you change from one degree programme to another one within our Faculty, you may be able to transfer some of the credits you have earned. In the following documents, you can see the modules of your previous programme whose credits you can transfer to the new degree programme. 

Transferring credits from other higher education institutions

If you transferred from another higher education institution or from another FHWS faculty, you may be able to transfer some of the credits previously earned. Please contact the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) first. There, you will receive a form with which the respective module managers have to confirm the credit transfer. 

Attending modules offered by Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (vhb)

If you want to transfer the course credits earned to a core elective module, please forward the grade certificate to the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) yourself. There is no automatic procedure in place.Opens internal link in current window

See this PDF document, to find out which vhb courses can be transferred without additional consultation of HSST / the examination committee at the end of the summer semester 2020 when they have been completed successfully.

Transferring credits from abroad

If you want to transfer credits earned during studies abroad to your studies at our Faculty, please contact the chairperson of your degree programme’s examination committee