Machine for the submission of final theses

What’s it about?

The thesis scanner is a prototype with which you can deliver your bachelor’s or master’s thesis not only during the responsible office’s opening hours.

By means of a Raspberry Pi and a webcam, the thesis scanner is supposed to analyse the title page of the thesis and check the correct date of submission. We chose Python, because both a timely familiarisation with the programming language was possible and, in our opinion, the requirements could be implemented very well with many existing libraries.

After the user (students or employees of FHWS) has captured the image via the GUI, the programme checks the image for correct orientation and adjusts it if necessary. For the OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) it is essential that the writing is in normal reading and writing direction, with the lines alignd horizontally as accurately as possible. Afterwards, the text of the title page is read using Tesseract OCR and the title of the work and the name of the author are filtered. The recognised title and name are compared with the work to be submitted in order to clearly identify the work. The submission of the work is documented with a time stamp and confirmed to the user on the screen.

The video shows the graphic user interface of the machine when receiving and checking a bachelor’s thesis.

Who’s involved?

Daniel Rindin, Kevin Kohut, Luca Lanzo (Computer Science) & Alexander Bayerlein, Julius Bernhardt (Business Information Systems) during the software development project in their 4th semester.

Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Peter Braun und Laura Vogel