Course evaluations

Regular course evaluation is a key instrument for quality control and quality development in our Faculty. Students give us their feedback about strengths and weaknesses and enable our lecturers to constantly improve the course quality.

Course selection

By taking into account legal requirements, i.e.

  • each lecturer is evaluated at least once a year as well as
  • each course is evaluated at least every three years,

the dean of studies submits a list of suggested courses to be evaluated to the “Quality Teaching”-team. This means that student representatives have the opportunity to influence the courses that should be evaluated.

Time schedule of evaluations at the Faculty

In general, evaluations take place during the one but last week of a semester. During the course session, students get time and opportunity to do the evaluation. 

For this, our Faculty uses their own software system by which anonymous participation in the evaluation is guaranteed.

During the last week before the examination period, the evaluation results are discussed with the students.


If you have any questions or other feedback concerning the evaluation, please contact the dean of studies, Prof. Dr. Frank Hennermann.