Examination schedule

Current examination schedule

Here you can find the examination schedule for exams.

Examinations during the semester

The portfolio exam "Fundamentals of Algorithms and Data Structures" (BIN, BIS) or "Algorithms and Data Structures 1" (old SPO BIN) will take place in SS 2024 on the following dates:

Mon 08.04., 13:30: H.1.3, H.1.7, I.3.20 and I.2.18
Mon 29.04., 13:30: H.1.3, I.3.20 and I.2.18
Mon 27.05., 13:30
Mon 24.06., 13:30

I.2.18 is generally only reserved for students without their own laptop, unless we refer individual students there due to technical difficulties.

The examination contents and modalities are unchanged compared to WS 2023/24.

All students who failed in the last semester due to cheating/deception (this should be evident from the grade report) can only take the exam in I.2.18 at the terminals.

Exams containing multiple-choice questions

In accordance with § 24 (4) of the General Examination Regulations of THWS, students must be informed about the use of multiple-choice questions. This is done via the examination schedule.