First aid in emergency cases


In case of emergency, try to contact the first-aiders of Sanderheinrichsleitenweg 20 first by calling +49 931 3511-6213. If you use a room telephone, just call 6213.

You will find our first-aiders in the following rooms:

  • Mr Matthias Lode in room I.2.29
  • Mr Thomas Rust in room I.2.28
  • Mr Christian Ziegler in room I.2.28

Reporting emergencies

General emergency call for ambulance and fire brigade: 112

If you use a room telephone, just call 0112.

Location of first aid kits

  • On each floor of the Institute Building, there are at least two first aid kits which are always positioned in the front part of the building close to the lift and in the rear part near the rooms I.2.18 or I.3.25.
  • In the Lecture Building, there are first aid kits in front of the cafeteria and in front of the lecture room H.1.2.

First-Aid room

  • The first-aid room is on the lowest floor of the Institute Building to the left of the lift in room I.0.39.
  • You can pick up the key from the Facilities Management’s office in room I.0.40. Phone +49 931 3155-6203