By specialising, you can set a certain focus within your bachelor’s studies. A specialisation module earns 15 ECTS credits and consists of a seminar and two more core modules which are described in the study plan.

  • The specialisation seminar and the specialisation module 1 always take place in the summer semester.
  • The specialisation module 2 takes always place in the winter semester.

Requirements for choosing an area of specialisation

  • The specialisation module can be attended as soon as 120 ECTS credits have been earned as well as the internship module has been successfully completed.
  • The selection of an area of specialisation can take place earlier.
  • However, these requirements must then be met at the latest at the start of the course.

Information about areas of specialisation

Shortly before you have to select your area of specialisation, the responsible professors will give information about their respective area of specialisation to all students.

Specialisation Modules

According to the bachelor’s programmes’ study and examination regulations, the following specialisation modules can be chosen in the respective programmes:

Computer Science
Business Information Systems
Business Software (BS)
Business Technologies (BT)
Conversion Optimisation (CO)
Media Informatics (MI)
Mobile and Ubiquitous Solutions (MS)
Shop Systems (SoSy)
Smart Systems (SmS)
Web Management (WM)

On request and with approval by the responsible professor, the examination committee may allow admission to another specialisation module.

Selection procedure

Number of places in a specialisation module is limited. Registration is handled by an electronic procedure with access via the university network. Dates and conditions of participation will be published faculty-wide by the dean of studies in good time.

The procedure takes usually place in the following periods:

  • Shortly before Christmas for specialisation modules starting in summer semester.
  • In June for specialisation modules starting in winter semester.

If more students register than there are places available in the specialisation module, the participants will be selected on the basis of their application documents, taking into account the progress of their studies to date.

After completion of the registration process, the lists with the matriculation numbers of the students participating in the specialisation modules are published faculty-wide. In addition, students will be informed by e-mail about the assigned specialisation module.