Scholarships and funding possibilities

I.C.S. scholarship programme

In cooperation with I.C.S. Association and renowned companies, the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems offers a special variant of dual cooperative studies for outstanding students.

How does the I.C.S. scholarship programme work?

The programme focuses on the career start. Therefore, support in the I.C.S. model only starts with the internship semester and comprises the last three semesters. Until their graduation, students spend the internship semester, further internship periods and a period for completing their final theses in the sponsoring company. With this they can collect valuable experiences at their future employer. In addition, they receive a monthly grant - even during theory periods.

Who is eligible?

As a prerequisite, applicants have to show outstanding exam results from their first semesters and that they will graduate in the standard period of study. If you meet these requirements, you will be nominated by the Faculty at the start of the 4th semester. You can then apply at one of the I.C.S. Partner companies for one of the attractive scholarships.

Characteristics of the I.C.S. scholarship programme

  • Target group: outstanding students nominated by the Faculty
  • Elective time: in the 4th semester
  • Funding period: the last three semesters
  • Scholarship contract between the company and the student:
    900 euros per month, also in theory periods
  • Close link between theory and practice:
    lectures during the semester, practice during lecture-free periods
  • Smooth transition from studies to professional life
  • Professional service and support for scholarship holders and companies by the I.C.S.


Numerous partners from industry participate in the scholarship programme. They offer a certain amount of scholarships for nominated students every year.

Further scholarships